The April Edition Of The Naso Travel Club

A variety of events and fests takes places around the globe each year, with significance of its own, In the same way, people of Mexico and many other places wait each year for the arrival of the month October, so that they can release the creativity of their own in the sky.

A large number of hot air balloons and many other types of balloons fill up the sky, the scene is epic. Numerous people take part in the events and many guests even come to witness this marvelous festival. Since this fiesta offers a rare opportunity for the guests to witness the inflation and take-off of ballooning from the launching field itself.

There are various ways to enjoy this splendid event, as alongside this many other fun activities are also held which include balloon race, gas balloon race ( which involves whose balloon reaches the maximum height and covers the longest distance), Flag and anthem and also fiesta challenge.

So basically, this nine-day long event is categorized into five major events which are known as dawn patrol, mass ascensions, artistic visions, special shape rodeo, and balloon glows.